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27 – 31 December, 2018

KIIT University

‘Human Future in Digital Era’
The focal theme of the XLII Indian Social Science Congress.


The Indian Social Science Academy (ISSA) in association with Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha shall hold the 42nd Indian Social Science Congress between December 27 and 31, 2018 at Bhubaneswar.


Indian Social Science Academy (ISSA) organizes Indian Social Science Congress (ISSC) every year with a view to discovering, developing and disseminating science of Nature-Human-Society through critical appraisal and integration of current research and theory in all subjects of science  taught and researched in Indian Universities, Colleges, IITs, NITs, Regional Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, AIIMS, PGIs, NISERS, IISERS, CSIR, ICAR, ICPR, ICMR, ICSSR, ICHR and ICPR Institutes/Laboratories  for making India and its peoples creative, self-reliant, prosperous and happy.


First Indian Social Science Congress was held from February 15 to 17, 1976 at Allahabad. Since then it has been held at different universities. The 40th session of the Indian Social Science Congress was held from December 19-23, 2016 at University of Mysore, Mysuru and the 41st session of it was held from Dec 18 to 22, 2017 at Periyar University, Salem.  Each ISSC has a focal theme, details of which can be found here.

All subjects/disciplines of science of Nature-Humans-Society are represented in Indian Social Science Congress. There are 28 Research Committees and 21 Interdisciplinary Thematic Panels in it.

Science in Indian Social Science Congress is defined as social as it is the result of collective mental and physical labour. It is without any boundary and, is indivisible.

University Grants Commission recognizes Indian Social Science Congress on par with Indian Science Congress. Every session of Indian Social Science Congress has a focal theme.


The Indian Social Science Congress is a multidisciplinary national forum, which promotes integration of Science of Nature-Humans-Society through intra, inter and multi disciplinary appraisal of current research and theory. Its deliberations, therefore, relate to (a) the focal theme, (b) current research and theory in each subject/discipline of Science, (c) inter and multi-disciplinary deliberations on the major India’s and world’s problems; (d) emerging areas of research and (e) improving the quality of education and research through capacity building programmes for young scientists. Specific objectives related to the focal theme, ‘Human Future In Digital Era’ are as follows:

  • 0301. To comprehend the science of digital technology/Information Technology.
  • 0302. To determine status of development of digital technology in India.
  • 0303. To explore the connections between digital technology and production & distribution.
  • 0304. To investigate connection between digital technology and employment.
  • 0305. To find out association between digital technology and education.
  • 0306. To assess impact of digital technology on learning and creativity,
  • 0307. To evaluate impact of digital technology on health of the general public.
  • 0308. To determine the impact digital technology on social cohesion, peace, conflict, violence, rapes and murders.
  • 0309. To ascertain centralizing, alienating, secularizing and/or communalizing effects of digital technology.
  • 0310. To investigate relationship between digital technology and bio-diversity including ecology and environment.
  • 0311. To assess power of digital technology in stopping extinction of species and saving the world from extinction.
  • 0312. To determine the power of digital technology in making the future of human better, safer and secure.
  • 0313. To determine the power of digital technology for promoting slavery and destroying democracy.
  • 0314. To investigate effects of Digital Technology/Information Technology/robotics on human personalities and human behavior.
  • 0315. To explore effects of ‘Information overload’ on human thoughts, creativity, behavior and personality
  • 0316. Any other relevant to the understanding of the need, relevance and validity of Digital/Information Technology/Robotics.


Following may be considered as major sub-themes of the focal theme ‘Human Future In Digital Era’:

  • 0501. Science and Technology of Digital Era.
  • 0502. Politics and political implication of Digital Era.
  • 0503. Connection between digital technology and economy.
  • 0504. Impact of digital technology on employment and generation of new job  opportunities.
  • 0505. Impact of digital technology on Peoples Health.
  • 0506. Impact of digital technology on education, learning and research.
  • 0507. Impact of digital technology on removal of poverty and large scale undernourishment/malnourishment.
  • 0508. Digital Technology, social cohesion, social alienation and social violence.
  • 0509. Biodiversity, ecology global warming and digital technology.
  • 0510. Social Justice, crimes and digital technology.
  • 0511. Digital technology, Democracy and the new forms of slavery.
  • 0512. Role of digital technology in conflicts and war.
  • 0513. Information overload And Human Behaviour.
  • 0514. Virtual Learning And Real Learning
  • 0515. e-governance and law-And-order.